Chi-Ju Wu

I am Chi-Ju, a huge fan of autonomous robots from Taiwan. Love to take on any challenge and explore more about our new tech world!

Work Experience

Software Engineer at Zoox [Jun 2020 - Present]

Software Engineer at Orbbec 3D Technology [Jun 2019 - Aug 2019]

  • Designed and implemented an extrinsic calibration algorithm for little-overlapping dual-camera systems
  • Developed and maintained Orbbec ROS package

Firmware Engineer at Actions Microelectronics [Dec 2017 - March 2018]

  • Devoloped wifi display functions of EZCast.

Software Engineer at DMP Electronics [Oct 2014 - Aug 2014]

  • 86Duino Motion Editor: Developed a frame-based motion editor for multi-functional robots.
    • Supported various input devices, such as the keyboard, WiFi, Ethernet, Bluetooth, and PS2 joystick, for controlling robots.
    • Integrated inertial measurement units (IMU) that can help robots resist shocks and vibrations
    • Implemented approaches to generate cubic splines for smoothing the trajectory of servo motors
    • Designed and implemented the two-layer motion blending feature for creating more flexible motions
    • Implemented templates to automatically generate firmware that replaces manual coding work
    • Integrated firmware with Scratch 2.0 that users can program their robots with graphical blocks
    • Applied to two 3D-printable robots, including a hexapod, 86Hexapod, and a biped robot
  • 86Duino SDK
    • Linux SDK: allow users to manipulate 86Duino I/Os in Linux environment
    • libMRAA Porting: allow users to manipulate I/Os with C/C++, Java, Python or JavaScript
    • AIServo86: a library of controlling smart actuators such as Dynamixel servos
  • Robots
    • Designed and implemented firmware of 3D-printable robots including a hexapod and a humanoid robot
    • Built internal packages to integrate ROS with the 86Duino ecosystem


University of Colorado Boulder

  • Master in Computer Science, GPA 4.00/4.00 [2018 - 2020]
    • Human Interruption Detection in HRC
      • Developed an approach to allow robots to detect users’ intention to interrupt a robot mid-execution based on visual and audio signals. The goal is to improve interactivity in Human-Robot Collaboration tasks.
        • Implemented Dynamic Safety Margin controller on Sawyer based on MoveIt! and KDL
        • Developed a system to detect the beginning of interruptions using OpenFace
    • 1/10-scale Mini Race Car
      • Designed and developed an autonomous system integrating Rock64, RealSense D435i, and Pololu controller.
        • Implemented a remote control and debugging package to speed up development
        • Implemented a state machine using depth data to achieve the fastest record in class to complete a route
        • Integrated ORB Slam with RealSense to create sparse map while moving
    • HIRO-group Research Assistant
      • Developed infrastructures including motion control interfaces, sensor integration, and simulation

National Chiao Tung University

  • Master in Computer Science, GPA 4.00/4.00 [2013 - 2014]
    • Publication
      • Chi-Ju Wu, and Wen-Hsiang Tsai, “Construction and Applications of Message-rich Videos for Pervasive Communication,” Proceedings of 2014 Conference on Computer Vision, Graphics and Image Processing, Pintung, Taiwan, Aug. 2014.
        • Proposed and implemented an approach to embed and extract hidden messages in videos. It can extract messages via capturing videos directly from monitors with 98.8% correctness
  • Bachelor in Computer Science, GPA 3.75/4.00 [2009 - 2013]
    • Activities
      • Cheerleader: First Prize in University Cheerleading Championship (Division 2), Taiwan, 2011.
      • Go: The fourth in National University Go Competition (Division 2d), Taiwan, 2010.

Selected Projects

More about me

I am also a Go player, game player, and I like sports such as basketball, bicycle.

  • In Taiwan, I am a 5-Dan Go player.
  • Got the 1st of University Cheerleading Championship Division 2 in Taiwan, 2011.